Titan Nutrition Isolate Protein


Isolate is a 100% microfiltered whey protein isolate comprised of the high-yielding, most bioavailable protein that can be sourced. It was formulated by TITAN NUTRITION® for those who demand only the maximum quality ingredients available. As with all TITAN NUTRITION® products, Isolate represents the very best the market has to offer, bar none!

Isolate is comprised of superior whey protein isolates derived from cold microfiltration. This process of separating the protein from its whey source through the use of filters is the gold standard and most natural method of protein extraction. The result is the highest quality non-denatured and bioactive protein on the market. Isolate has no added chemicals and is never heated, resulting in a remarkably clean taste. Isolate is virtually free of fat and lactose, and has just one gram of sugar!

Isolate has been enhanced with an enzyme complex to increase the digestion rate and bioavailable activity. These added enzymes aid in breaking the bonds of protein isolates into smaller fractions of peptides and amino acids essential to building new muscle. This rapid assimilation of protein breakdown elevates nitrogen levels, stimulating protein synthesis (muscle building) and speeding recovery.

Not all protein is created equal! Isolate was designed with the highest standard of quality and ingredients, and is ideal for increasing anabolic activity, repairing muscle tissue and improving performance. Isolate mixes easily with a spoon and tastes amazing! You will look forward to every muscle-building scoop.