Titan Nutrition KRE-EX


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Since its inception in 2006 KRE-EX™ has set a new standard in pre-workout supplementation. Much more than a great-tasting energy drink, KRE-EX® is loaded with the most critical, highest quality, clinically dosed, and fully disclosed ingredients available in performance nutrition!

For maximum strength and size gains, the Buffered Creatine Matrix in KRE-EX™ creates a highly absorbable environment for creatine absorption. This combination with PH balancing ingredients and Betaine Anhydrous gives you more force production on every rep in the gym and hydrated muscle cells for better recovery when you leave.

The Volumizing Endurance Matrix is a groundbreaking combination of Nitric Oxide inducing “pump” ingredients for added nutrient and oxygen delivery for fullness and growth. Lactic acid buffering compounds increase endurance and reduce muscle fatigue during training for added strength long into workouts.

Our 2:1:1 Instantized fermented BCAA’s are fully dosed in KRE-EX™ to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (mTOR). These amino acids also provide fuel to the muscles to help speed recovery and prevent catabolism caused by intense training.

Experience an immediate boost in energy, focus, and mood from the Focused Intensity Matrix. This combination drastically improves concentration and alertness allowing you to consistently train at a higher intensity.

The Hydro-Electrolyte Matrix in KRE-EX™ optimizes and helps maintain water balance in the muscle, facilitates motor neuron function, and increase exercise capacity.

KRE-EX™ is several supplements combine in one amazing pre-workout STACK to give you the pinnacle in muscular size, strength, endurance, vasodilation, nutrient transport, energy production and focus!